Wind Tunnel Rotating Test Rig Anechoic Chamber

Welcome to Funazaki Laboratory, Iwate University

  • Research toward higher performing aeroengine components.
    • Highly loaded low pressure turbines.
    • Improving film cooling effectiveness in high pressure turbines.
    • Leakage flows in Controlled Diffusion Airfoil (CDA) compressor cascade facility.
    • Rotating stall onset of state-of-the-art transonic axial fans.
    • Turbopumps for cryogenic rocket engines.
  • By-pass transition phenomena in airfoil boundary layers.
  • High resolution numerical simulations of unsteady turbulent flows.
    • RANS/LES hybrids.
    • Detached Eddy Simulations.
    • Various other numerical schemes.
  • New CFD methodology using Lattice Boltzmann Method.
    • Engineering application of Finite Volume Lattice Boltzmann Method (FVLBM).
    • Multiphase flows.
  • Biofluid dynamics.
  • Miniature axial cooling fans in crowded environment.
  • Space exploration application.

International Gas Turbine Congress

International Gas Turbine Congress 2011 will be held in Osaka on Nov. 13 - 18. There will be three papers from our group as follows.

  • Funazaki, K., Okamura, K., Sato, Y., Hamabe, M., "Studies on the Flow Fields around Two Types of LPT Cascade with Different Loading Designs: Midspan and Secondary Loss"
  • Abdullah, K., Onodera, H., Funazaki, K., Ideta, T., "Heat Transfer and Aerodynamics Studies of Multiple Cooling Holes"
  • Funazaki, K., Kawabata, H., Okita, Y., "Free-Stream Turbulence Effects on Leading Edge Film Cooling"

Meanwhile, we will also set up a poster booth exhibiting our activities.

Turbo Machinery Seminar 2011

4 graduate students from our research group headed by Prof. Funazaki dominated the podium by winning 1st to 3rd places in the best poster session awards, held during the 17th Turbomachinery Seminar, a joint seminar organized annually by Iwate University, Tohoku University, and Tokyo University, as well as numerous participants from industry.

  • First Place: Taku Saito, 1st-year Masters Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Iwate University
    Blade Surface Boundary Layer Bypass Transition
    -- Boundary Layer Measurement and Visualization --
  • Second Place: Masafumi Kumagai, 1st-year Masters Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Iwate University Tip Leakage Flow in a Linear Compressor Cascade
    -- Effects of Half-Shrouded Blade Tip --
  • Third Place: Kazuki Okamura, 2nd-year Masters Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Iwate University
    A Study on Highly-loaded Low-Pressure Turbine for Aeroengines
  • Third Place: Yuuki Tokuyama, 1st-year Masters Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Iwate University
    Fluid-Structure Coupled Analysis of a Turbine Rotor for Next-generation Rocket Engines

JSME Annual Meeting

Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers will hold its annual meeting on Sep. 12-14 at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Five graduate students from our group will present their latest research on rocket, compressor, and turbine.

Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

The damages due to the mega earthquake that happened on March 11 were minimal in our group. All the staff members and students are fine and more resolved than ever as a team.

Funaken Wiki revamped

The Funaken Wiki has been relaunched as a Drupal-powered system. The former wiki site can be accessed via the Intranet link.

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