Wind Tunnel Rotating Test Rig Anechoic Chamber

Welcome to Funazaki Laboratory, Iwate University

  • Research toward higher performing aeroengine components.
    • Highly loaded low pressure turbines.
    • Improving film cooling effectiveness in high pressure turbines.
    • Leakage flows in Controlled Diffusion Airfoil (CDA) compressor cascade facility.
    • Rotating stall onset of state-of-the-art transonic axial fans.
    • Turbopumps for cryogenic rocket engines.
  • By-pass transition phenomena in airfoil boundary layers.
  • High resolution numerical simulations of unsteady turbulent flows.
    • RANS/LES hybrids.
    • Detached Eddy Simulations.
    • Various other numerical schemes.
  • New CFD methodology using Lattice Boltzmann Method.
    • Engineering application of Finite Volume Lattice Boltzmann Method (FVLBM).
    • Multiphase flows.
  • Biofluid dynamics.
  • Miniature axial cooling fans in crowded environment.
  • Space exploration application.